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Themed Tours

Desafio offers a range of exiting routs that cover different themes and concepts. No matter your interest, no matter where you want to travel- we can develop a route for you!

Simply choose which route you prefer, let us know where you were hoping to travel, and then sit back and relax while we develop a fantastic rout centered on your favorite pursuits, with experiential activities to enhance every step!

Our themed tour routes include:

Extreme Sports & Adventure

Great for adrenaline junkies, this option offers customized routes that will take you off the beaten track and into adventure. Incorporating skydiving, abseiling, caving, and other extreme sports of your preference, we'll design a trip that will keep the thrill going even after you leave.


Whether you're an amateur cook or a self-taught foodie, exploring the unique tastes and aromas of different cultures is an intoxicating experience. We'll direct you to the best market tours, the most elite restaurants, and even local cooking classes. All you need to bring is your appetite.


Photography routes are a great way for photo enthusiasts to experience creative growth and learning while also enjoying beautiful vacation. Let us help you point the lens on the most photogenic spots or most fascinating cultural distinctions, while also providing aids and support for the technical and creative aspect of photography.


Many cities claim to be the one that never sleeps. If you want to discover which one is telling the truth, let's set you up with a restless nightlife tour. Pub crawls, live music venues, communal parties, trendy bars, and delicious restaurants – whatever you consider a great night out, we'll help you find it.

Team Building (ODT)

Outdoor training (ODT) games are a great way to improve a group's wellbeing, enhance their skills, and strengthen teamwork across your organization. ODT trips and activities are a great choice for a company or work team, as well as for classrooms and schools, and we'll help you create an atmosphere that will strengthen your group dynamics.

Accessible Tours

We believe travel is for anyone, and aim to help everyone experience the world – no matter their physical limitations. We will help you find locations and sites that are particularly suited for different abilities and disabilities.

Plus, with our interactive application combined with a brand new VR technology, you will even be able to experience virtual routs from the comfort of your own home!

Custom Tours
Have a hobby that's not on the list? Looking to incorporate activities from a few of the routes? Not a problem! Please fill out the request a rout form and together we will create the perfect route and activities for you.

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