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About Us

WHO we are

Desafio Tourism is a travel and touring company with a twist. We specialize in developing challenging and interactive tour routes that incorporate activities, puzzles and games, creating a unique and enriching tourist experience.

Desafio was founded by Noam Shemesh, a creative entrepreneur with a passion for outdoor activities and escape rooms. He combined his passions with his experience in organizational consulting to create a company that incorporates activities like escape rooms and scavenger hunts into interactive route for a challenging, experiential and truly unique trip.

Today, Noam is joined by a team of project managers who will help create a tourist experience that will perfectly suit your needs and interests.



WHAT we offer

Desafio offers a different approach to tourisn. We offer tours and routs that stimulate thought and creativity, and allow you to delve deeper into locations around the world in ways a regular tour cannot.

Desafio offers special routs at attractive prices for a wide range of clients. We work with businesses that are looking to develop creativity and teamwork among their employees, families and friends looking to celebrate or experience something special, and really anyone with a taste of curiosity, a love for challenges, and a desire to think outside the box.


HOW we work

Touring the Desafio way is simple.

We offer several tour options and travel routs- some centered around cities in Israel, others in cities around the world,  and also exciting concept routes that we can design for you personally based on where you want to travel.

Simply browse our options and choose the city or path that interests you most. To get access to your route of choice or create a custom-made one, please send us a message through the contact form.

Once your route is ready, you'll receive an exclusive access to it that can be enjoyed while you travel. The route will include an interactive map leading you to key places, fun facts (but also important ones), pictures and landmarks, and of course- lots of games, puzzles, riddles and activities that will make sure this entire experience will be unforgettable.


Desafio's latest updates 

New in Desafio- we are currently working on an exclusive app for you!

The app will be based on AR technology to further enhance your experience.

Stay tuned for more information!

Colleagues Working Together
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