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Based in Israel, Desafio is proud to offer in- depth routes that will take you to the beautiful sites and deep heritage of some of Israel's most historic cities. Whether planning a school trip, a work-day out, or a private tour for friends and family, the cities of Israel have much to offer – and Desafio will allow you to experience them on a deeper level.


Desafio has already designed routes for the following cities:


Interested in a city that you don't see here? We can make a tour for that! Just contact us.

Jaffa: The ancient port city of Israel, Jaffa has a fascinating history dating to biblical times – as well as a unique flea market, a taste for oranges, and other discoveries to explore.

Special features: #beach #adultsgroups #history #art #localfood #fleanmarket #jewishheritage

Especially suitable for:  Groups of adults and families


Tel Aviv: One of the most vibrant cities in the world, Tel Aviv boasts beautiful clear beaches, pulsing nightlife, a unique culture, historic architecture, and so much more.

Special features: #nightlife #beach #adults #vibrantcity #locals #streetart #grafitti

Especially suitable for: Everyone

Jerusalem: Nowhere else in the world you will find a city that holds so much significance to so many. Jerusalem buzzes with history, tradition and a holly connection to three of the world's major religions. There is so much to see, and even more to experience. 

Special features: #culture #faith #history #religion #multicultural

Especially suitable for: Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Old City Jerusalem
Rishon LeZion beach

Rishon Lezion: Flying under the radar of its neighbor Tel Aviv, Risho Lezion offers its own sandy shores, as well as rustic  architecture, a historic museum, and nearby wineries. 

Special features: #winery #sundunnes #architecture #pioneers 

Especially suitable for: Elderly groups 

Acre (Akko): Another coastal town and one of the oldest ports in the world, Acre contains on of the more tumultuous and diverse histories in Israel, with past inhabitants including the Romans, Ottomons, Byzantines, and other famous empires in history. In fact, so deep is Acre's history that its old city has been designated a UNESCO world heritage site!

Special features: #middleeasternfood #fishermen #port #market #traditionalart 

Especially suitable for: History buffs and foodies

rosh pina

Rosh Pina: This small northern city contains a rich history and beautiful scenery, as well as easy access to the Sea of Galilee and its surrounding natural wonders. 

Special features: #agriculture #mounttovalley #kibbutzlife #nature #rustichospitality 

Especially suitable for: Everyone

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