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International Routes

Brandenburg Gate

Desafio Tourism has also designed experiential tour programs for some of the world's most historic cities. Enhance your next trip with an interactive roure from Desafio.

Desafio has designed routes for the following cities: 

Vienna, Austria.jpg

Vienna: The capital city of Austria and its largest city, Vienna is as well known for its iconic music for its delicious food. A particularly walkable city, explore each district for a true taste of Vienna's distinct culture. 

Special Features: #culture #schnitzel #castles #museums #music

Especially suitable for: Everyone including people who suffers from disabilities. 

Zurich Lake and town.jpg

Zurich: Zurich has truly become a worthwhile destination, with a combination of classical beauty and cosmopolitan culture, as well as a booming food and pub scene, and dozens of options for museums and galleries. Known as "The portal to the alps, it also offers stunning scenery, and quick access to resorts in the beautiful mountains. 

Special Features: #scenary #nature #mountains #cold

Especially suitable for: Nature lovers and appreciators.

Image by Patrick

Athens: Take a trip back in time to explore the birthplace of Ancient Greece, and the largest collection of greek ruins and artifacts in the world. But the old balances well with the new in Athens, which also offers a booming creative and cultural scene, notably its street art. It's also a perfect stepping stone to some spectacular beaches. 

Special features: #tavern 3mediterraneanweather # suvlaki #uzo #greekmythology #sea

Especially suitable for: Families. 


Paris: The city of love is also the city of some of the world's most iconic architecture, art, and fashion. Whether you're into food, history, culture, or nightlife, Paris will not disappoint.


Special features: #romance #couture #fashion #wine 3baguette #art

Especially suitable for: Couples and families. 

Berlin Fernsehturm

Berlin: Few places offer as diverse an experience as Berlin. A big metropolis with a laidback charm, Berlin often has highbrow and lowbrow culture sharing a stage, and of course a deep history that's evident on every street. 

Special Features: #history #diversity #beer #parties #LGBTQ #streetart

Especially suitable for: young adults and couples. 

Urban Neighbourhood

Rome: Enjoy the dolce vita in Rome, a city that has long represented a center of power, culture, religion, and of course food. With thousand-year-old churches, opulent palaces, a cosmopolitan fashion scene, and some of the best cuisine in the world, Rome really has something for everyone.

Special Features: #localculture #Christianity #art #thegoodlife #history #pizza #pasta 

Especially suitable for: Couples and group of friends.


Barcelona: A charming seaside town with historic architecture and art, Barcelona is known for balancing its beaches with its culture, its party with its culinary prowess, and its modern developments with its old charm. With outdoor markets, noted museums, historic churches, and golden beaches, Barcelona is everything you're looking for in a European city. 

Special Features: #oldandnew #soccer #shopping #warmpeople #markets #history

Especially suitable for: Everyone.

Interested in a city that you don't see here? We can make a route for that! just contact us

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