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Tourism With A Twist

Welcome to Desafio Tourism, a touring experience for the 21st century.

We are an innovative tourism company that develops interactive and experiential tour routs in Israel and around the world. We'll not only design an exciting tour route for you, but we'll add challenging and enriching activities, riddles, puzzles and other tasks to enhance the tourist experience.

Whether you're looking to tour a specific city or you're interested in a tour built around a particular theme or concept, Desafio's experienced content creators and innovative technology can help craft a truly unique experience for any group or occasion.


We are going to launch a new AR app that will be awesome! 

Stay tuned.. 

What our clients say

“We decided to celebrate a special and unforgettable bar mitzvah and it was definitely an experience that our family will never forget! Thank you”

Harel Family

“The Old City of Jerusalem route is absolutely perfect! We have been to Jerusalem dozens of times before and never experienced it as we did on this trip! We learned a lot, thank you and good luck”-

Shamir Family

“We asked you to prepare a team-building day for the human resources team in our company and it far exceeded our expectations! Thank you so much for paying attention to the smallest details!”

One Target Co.

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